Monday, August 30, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

This is a project for school and I totally want to take advantage of it! Let's see here..There is so much to say I just don't know what to narrow it down to. Ya know? What the hell do you write about on your first post? I mean I should introduce myself. My name is Veronica Leon,  my birthday is December 24, 1988, so I am currently 21. This year has been awesome. I really love how every aspect of my life is playing out right now. I just started dating the realist, most creative man I have ever met. Not to mention this summer has been the best one I have ever had! I am so glad I took so many pictures that I can now play around with and post up on my brand new blog!

It's getting late and I should really get to bed, but I will for sure post something up before class tomorrow.


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